Questions & Answers

Have questions about sales or just Moke’s in general? See below for some of our most common questions. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact Us.

Is the Moke electric?

Yes! The Moke is fully electric. Plug it into any 110-outlet to charge it. It takes approximately 8 hours to fully charge. The Moke travels for about 40 miles on a full charge. It’s super easy!

A gas version of the Moke is only available for purchase and use outside the United States. 

Visit this link to inquire about gas powered Mokes International Sales for Gas Mokes (Only outside the United States)

Is the Moke street legal?
Yes! The Electric Moke is street legal on all roads posted 35 MPH or less. It’s a Low Speed Vehicle (lsv), and has a maximum speed of 25 MPH.
What's the payment process on custom orders? Are there any additional fees?

We split the payment in two. Payments can be made by wire transfer or credit card (4% fee for credit card processing).

Payment Due At Order

50% deposit due upon order signature. To include…

3.0% shipping surcharge (on base price). Due to ongoing supply chain issues.

Delivery charge based upon location and can also vary by trucking rates.

Payment due upon scheduled delivery

Remaining balance due (based on how you customize your Moke).

In addition, sales tax will be due as required by local/state governing authorities.

Also, vehicle registration fees will be due as required by state governing authority.

How long will it take to receive my Moke?

Under normal circumstances it takes approximately 160 days from the day you customize and order your vehicle (with deposit) to delivery.