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You’ve come to the right place for the ultimate beach experience! One of the top fun things to do in Naples is cruising around town in a MOKE low speed electric vehicle (EV), feeling the tropical breezes on your skin while listening to your favorite tunes. Treat yourself, friends and family to a memorable vacation riding in this incredible open-air, retro-style beach car. Perfect for travel to and from the beach, sight-seeing, shopping trips, going out for lunch or dinner, running errands, weddings and other events. Street legal on any road posted 35mph or less. Sorry, no off-roading. Ride in Style! Schedule your Moke rental below. If you need additional seating check out our 6-seat golf cart rentals.  Free delivery and pick up anywhere in Naples Delivery charges of $140 each way ($280 total) will be applied to deliveries to Boca Grande due to high travel times. In general, rental deliveries are made between 9am-12pm. Pickups are made between 2-4pm. If your rental ends on a Sunday we may not pick it up until first thing on Monday morning. You must be age 25 or older to rent a Moke. All rentals are subject to a $2 per day solid waste charge and 7% sales tax. There is a 3-day rental minimum. IMPORTANT! – Rental agreement forms are required to be submitted to us prior to delivery! Your personal auto insurance policy generally covers rental cars with the same coverage limits and deductibles as your policy. You must have a personal auto insurance policy to rent a Moke (low speed vehicle). When you submit your order you will be directed on how to access and fill in these very important documents online. We cannot deliver your vehicle until these forms are submitted to us! Thank you for your cooperation. 

Follow the steps below to rent a Moke.

  • >>> There are twelve Mokes to choose from.
  • >>> Each Moke has its own calendar.
  • >>> Available dates are blue in color.